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The 5 3 2 rule for Social Media

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TA McCann shared his 5-3-2 rule for social media content. It comes to this – out of 10 Tweets or LinkedIn updates or any updates on a Social Media platform you need to apply this rule.

  • Five should be content from others, relevant to your audience (curation)
  • Three should be content from your organisation, your brand relevant to your audience (and not directly selling your products) (creation)
  • Two should be personal, something non-work related to help humanise yourself or your organisation or your brand (humanisation)

The objective is to

  • Focus on your audience more than yourself
  • Humanise your voice, even if it’s from a branded social channel vs. an individual

50% of your post should be curated

So the first step is to ensure that the majority of your content is curated from other sources that are relevant to your audience, your target market.

Ask yourself the questions

(here are some example questions)

1. What pain points do they have?

2. What do they read?

3. What do they like to consume?

5. Where do they shop?

So do your research and you will find your curated content.

There are plenty of curation tools to use such as​

  • Curata – Curata is the leading provider of business grade content curation software. Curata CCS enables marketers to create, curate, organize, annotate and share the most relevant and highest quality content as part of a successful content marketing strategy.

  • The Tweeted Times – Aggregates news in your Twitter stream every hour. Ranks each piece by its popularity amongst your friends.

  • Addict-o-matic – Search the best live sites on the web. Find the latest news, blog posts, videos and images to keep up with trending topics.

  • Feedly – Delivers fast, mobile-optimized content using RSS feeds. Browse and share content from your favorite news sites, feeds, blogs and YouTube channels.

Check out other tools

Post 30% of your own content

You can create your own content and post offers and promotions but try to not hard sell. Social Media is about attracting an audience and provide them with value. Build a sales funnel, offer them something valuable and return ask for their email address. Create blogs, infographics, offer an ebook or post videos. Talk about their pain points and offer them a solution. Customer testimonies are great as they will build brand trust. Always include your branding (logo) and refer back to your website.

Bring humanisation in 20% of your post

These posts will bring your brand to life. Show your audience who you and your staff are. Your audience love to know more about you and what you do behind the scene. Show a level of vulnerability and authenticity, it is risk worth taking.

In conclusion:

Follow the 5:3:2 rule to social media, remember it's not about your brand, your products, all about your audience and creating the balance in the content you share. We don't hard sell, instead focus on valuable content, interesting facts and fun stories, you want to humanise your brand and get your audience interacting with you.

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