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    60% of best-in-class companies are using video from initial awareness through to post-sale. Today's customers go through more than half of the buying process independently, so providing the customer with a complete video journey on your website is to guide them in the

    pre-purchase phase.


    Everybody knows how important first impressions are. Did you know that the window of time for a first impression is only seven seconds? This means that first look is critical. And while most of us appreciate this to ring true on an individual level — from meeting your new customer, visiting your website or walking into a retail store. How often do you consider the critical importance of that initial impression when clients and prospects first see you and your products.


    A brand is your business’s single most valuable attribute. An authentic, consistent brand inspires trust from your customers and helps you stand out from competitors. Your brand’s “wow factor” is more than a logo: It’s any product, service or experience-focused element of your business that is unique to you. It leaves a lasting impression.


    We love building sales funnel with creativity. We target and scale with videos to create brand awareness, bring your brand top of mind, put your value proposition front and centre and build presence and reputation through consistent content creation.



  • How can we help you?


    We will identify the best funnel strategy that would work for your business and then start to map out and design it

    •   Lead Generation Funnels
    •   E-commerce Funnels
    •   E-product Funnels
    •   Custom Funnel Designs


    Accompanied with your funnel, we will integrate the software you required to start capturing your leads and sales, Including follow up sequences.

    • Email Marketing/CRM
    • Tracking Integrations 
    • Payment Integrations 
    • Custom Integrations 


    If you're also looking to generate high quality leads to your funnel or website with online advertising, we have the team who can help you generate results on multiple platforms.

    • Multi-channel advertising
      • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google etc. 
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