• Intro or Outro Video Elements

    Intro + Great content + Outro = Professional Video

  • Intros and outros

    Intros are the visuals at the very beginning of your video, while outros appear in the end. Intros and outros are commonly used for webcasts, podcasts, videos, presentations, and live shows.

    7Seconds Impression

    According to research, around 10 years ago, the attention span of adults was around 12 seconds. Today, the number has decreased to 8 seconds. This means that you have only 7-seconds to make an impression and to create a bond with your audience. This is really challenging. But, a great attention-grabbing into can help you here.


    Background & Music

    The Two components in an intro and outdo is the wow factor you create, background, images, creative design, supported by background music.


  • Here are some samples

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