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Intro & Outro a Must

Market your brand

Video Intros are the small video clips positioned at the very beginning of the video before presenting the main video content.

Outros are the same but are only placed at the end of the video.

Usual viewers may not give Video Intros and Outros the shrug of a shoulder, probably not even noticing the three-second clip but little do they know that this is a tactic video marketer are using.

A corporate video needs these intro/outro.

Why video intro and outdo is a must!
1. First Impression counts

Your intro will be the first thing your viewers will see. It can range from a corporate intro with a white, clean and flat background to a something colorful and fun. Not only should it focus on visuals, but the audio should support its overall impression as well.

 2. It tells your story

A simple 3-second clip placed before and after a video can convey your company’s identity if one knows how to produce it. Just like your logo, it can be symbolic and influential inside and outside your company.

3. Market your brand

The visual and the audio of your intro/outro are the key components that will introduce your video next. It would help viewers easily recognize your video pieces and remember your product; thus implementing a video branding to familiarize with your audience.

Not only do these templates make almost any videos presentable but they can also add a lot of value on your brand – only if done properly.

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